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About Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C.

Tim has been retained nationally as a Forensic Security Expert Witness by insurance carriers, plaintiffs' attorneys and defense counsel from Alaska to Florida and California to Rhode Island, providing consultation and expert testimony to help resolve personal injury cases involving rental housing and multi-family apartment communities. A significant number of his engagements have been related to multi-family apartment complexes, which include conventional and subsidized (low-income or affordable) housing such as Section 8, Section 42, Section 202 and the USDA Rural Development, 515 Program. A number of his engagements have also been related to bars, manufactured housing communities, overnight lodging and resort properties, self-storage facilities, car washes and other businesses, including businesses that sell liquor.

Tim has a talent for precision diagnosis, strategic thinking and has outstanding written and verbal communications skills to assist any litigation team. His forte is assessing if, and how effectively, organizations are following their own safety and security practices and if they have reasonably complied with industry standards, statutes and/or codes. This skill set makes him a highly sought-after expert and is the key to his success in working with a defense or plaintiff winning team.

Tim has conducted thousands of safety and security assessments and has trained thousands of business owners, key staff members, security guards and police officers about premises liability and risk management since 1986. He has a unique perspective that comes from more than 20 years of employment in a large law enforcement agency and the supervision of that city's Crime Prevention Unit.

He has conducted hundreds of interviews with local, state, national and international publications and a variety of news media providers from Canada to the Caribbean, including all newspapers and television stations in his Phoenix home market.

An Academically Recognized Crime Expert

Mr. Zehring has also been serving as Adjunct Faculty with the Maricopa County Community Colleges since 2010. He is primarily responsible for classroom training and development of training materials at the Chandler/Gilbert Community College (CGCC) Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA), which is a fully certified police academy. He lectures on subjects which include crime science, crime prevention and community policing, with an emphasis on risk management and premises liability. The Law Enforcement Training Academy covers and meets all requirements of Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) and is instructed by police officers and other persons certified to instruct in an Arizona POST police academy.

An Internationally Recognized Crime Expert

Tim holds the Trademark for Crime Free Multi-Housing, a revolutionary approach to litigation and risk management. He founded the International Crime Free Association and programs that have been expanded internationally to include virtually every type of business exposure. He has helped set industry Standards of Care, as police officers have taught Tim's Crime Free Program standards internationally to their own business communities for nearly three decades.

Why Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C.?

The answer is simple. Any organization is only as good as its employees, and we’re sure you will agree that our employees are the best. While other consultants struggle to stay current with industry-specific policies, practices and procedures, in a very real way, we are actually establishing those standards.

Mr. Zehring has created, developed and is teaching what have become the national standards regarding safety, security and preventative maintenance procedures in Rental Housing and Apartment Communities, Manufactured Housing Communities, Overnight Lodging Properties, Self-Storage Facilities and other businesses, including businesses that sell liquor. He has a comprehensive understanding in all facets of these industries including a working knowledge of the risks associated with each one.

Mr. Zehring has more than 20 years of experience as a crime prevention expert employed in a law enforcement capacity. Mr. Zehring is also the founder and Executive Director of the Arizona-based International Crime Free Association.

He has been consulting regularly with local, county, state, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies, community and corporate leaders, mayors, city council members and other elected officials in more than 1,000 cities internationally since 1992.

Please browse our site to view information regarding our experience and expertise in your area of interest.

Services Offered

Expert Witness Services - We are available to assist you should a lawsuit arise. We can provide you with discovery assistance, case preparation, preliminary opinions and expert witness courtroom testimony for litigation involving allegations of inadequate or improper security measures, negligence, misconduct, false arrest, use of force issues and evidentiary photography (medium format and 35mm films, digital and video photography + in-house editing services).

Litigation involving premises liability is one of the fastest growing types of personal injury lawsuits. A recent study suggests that in the past couple decades, verdicts ranged from $1 million to $2.1 million, in favor of the Plaintiff in such cases. The average settlement is now over $500,000.00.

The focus of Mr. Zehring's expertise is on the internal, day-to-day operations of each industry. Scrutinizing the policies, practices and procedures of the particular business will serve to determine whether they are reasonable and consistent with the current standards of that specific industry.

After this process is completed, we can assist with determining if the business operated within the accepted customs and practices of the industry. This is a necessary step to decide whether the business appeared to be at fault on the day of a given incident, and on whom the fault may be attributed.

On Site Security Surveys - We can conduct vulnerability assessments of company policies, building design, lighting, landscaping, locking devices and crime analysis (eg, compile crime statistics based upon police reports and unreported crimes in and around a target location). We can also provide suggestions that are cost effective and appropriate control measures that are commensurate with the risks to which an organization is exposed.

Risk Management Services - Risk Management is similar to Crisis Management in a lot of ways. To illustrate this, consider the fact that there is a substantial difference between Crisis Management and Management by Crisis. Crisis Management is a systematic approach using proven strategies to avoid a potential crisis. Management by Crisis usually involves an unprepared, panicked response to unforeseen tragedies as they occur. Often split second decisions are made that provide only temporary solutions until the next crisis arises, and the risk of litigation is always present.

Risk Management is also a systematic approach using proven strategies to avoid potential losses. Simply put, Risk Management is how you manage the risk of a loss. A loss can arise from many different areas, such as internal theft, the criminal acts of others, lawsuits and on the job injuries, to name a few. Risk Management is fundamental to the security and stability of any organization.

Speaking Engagements - Mr. Zehring is an accomplished conference and keynote speaker. Regarded as an expert in safety and security related issues, he has conducted conferences for law enforcement officers, crime prevention practitioners, property owners and managers of various industries internationally since 1994.

Mr. Zehring’s presentation style is that of a motivational speaker using high energy, appropriate humor and audience involvement techniques that are certain to provide effective solutions and leave a lasting impact on your staff and employees.

Employee Training - Mr. Zehring has conducted training on a wide variety of crime prevention related topics, including C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and the prevention of armed robbery, internal theft, workplace violence, shoplifting and burglary. His training is directed to law enforcement and security officers, and the employees of Rental Housing and Apartment Communities, Manufactured Housing Communities, Overnight Lodging Properties, as well as Self-Storage Facilities banks and credit unions, convenience stores, regional shopping malls and other retail businesses, including businesses that sell liquor.

Mr. Zehring has also been an instructor with the National Safety Council. Having completed all of the necessary courses in 1986 to earn his Advanced Safety Certificate, Mr. Zehring teaches in a corporate environment on various safety-related topics including workplace safety, CPR and First Aid, back injury prevention, accident investigation, and issues regarding personal protective equipment (P.P.E.), material safety data sheets (M.S.D.S.), and violence in the workplace.

Call for a full list of training topics that are available.

Environments Serviced

Shopping centers, regional malls, retail stores, banks, restaurants, taverns, car washes, parking garages and parking lots, multiple family dwellings, including apartments, townhouses, condominiums, manufactured home parks, hotels and motels, self storage lockers, office buildings and industrial plants, roadways, walkways, shipping and receiving, stairways, ramps, and exits.

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