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(Mr. Zehring's 130 Page Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.)

Professional Experience

Mr. Zehring has worked with attorneys as a Safety and Security Consultant and Forensic Security Expert Witness since 1996. Mr. Zehring conducts extensive training nationally and internationally on risk management, premises liability, crime foreseeability issues, crime prevention and crime reduction strategies.

He consults with attorneys as an expert regarding issues of crime foreseeability, adequacy of physical security and security policies in premises liability litigation involving apartment communities, condominiums and townhouses, manufactured housing communities, hotels and motels, businesses that sell liquor, shopping malls, department stores, financial institutions, car washes and parking lots. He specializes in personal injury litigation regarding violent crimes such as homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping and assault.

Regarded as an expert in premises liability, crime prevention, and crime foreseeability issues, Mr. Zehring has conducted nearly 100 television, radio and newspaper interviews throughout the United States and internationally. A significant number of his engagements have been related to multi-family housing complexes, which include conventional and subsidized (low-Income or affordable) housing such as Section 8, Section 42, Section 202 and the USDA Rural Development, 515 Program. A number of his engagements have also been related to bars and retail businesses that sell liquor.

Mr. Zehring is an internationally known security expert, consultant and accomplished conference speaker with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Zehring has developed effective security programs for local and national corporations, hotels, banks, retail stores and multi-family residential properties. Mr. Zehring has also helped with anti-crime legislative reforms in Arizona, throughout the United States and Canada.

Professional History

1996 to Present:  Manager, Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C. (Risk Management Services 1996-2001)

Authors books, articles, and newsletters on the subject of crime prevention, crime trends, loss prevention, risk management, asset protection, avoiding litigation and safety in the workplace. Provides risk analysis and risk management strategies for property owners, corporations, insurance companies, on-site management and attorneys.

Conducts security surveys, research of crime trends, and crime analysis of individual properties to large communities. Evaluates existing safety and security policies, conducts needs assessments, and designs new strategies to manage the risk of loss due to litigation, internal theft, robbery, burglary, shoplifting and workplace injuries.

Analyzes site plans, reviews blueprints of new construction projects, and recommends design changes to avoid or reduce the risk of crime opportunities. Develops and provides professional, forensic photographic services of physical evidence and crime scenes for courtroom exhibits, including digital photography, videotaping and professional editing services.

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Articles Published

(This is a partial list. Please contact us for a more complete and current list.)

Mr. Zehring has regularly contributed articles regarding premises liability, security and crime prevention topics for such publications as:

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Law and Order Magazine, Governing Magazine, and Units Magazine. Also: Apartment News Magazine, United States Mayors Publication (U.S. Mayor), Retail Federation Magazine (Stores Magazine), Chief-To-Chief Magazine, Police Chief Magazine, Apartment Insight Magazine, Apartment Manager Magazine, Apartment News Magazine, Property Management Magazine, Multi-Family Executive Magazine, Tax Credit Manager Magazine, Food Service Industry Publication (Restaurant News), Globe Magazine, Self-Storage Now, The Storage Facilitator, The Mini-Storage Messenger, etc.

Newspaper Interviews

(This is a partial list. Please contact us for a more complete and current list.)

June 15, 1992 - Tribune Newspapers: Do Your Part In Planning Night Out July 22, 1992 - Mesa Independent: Fight Crime With Cooperation, Education July 29, 1992 - Mesa Independent: Attitude, Awareness Helps To Combat Crime January 1, 1993 - Mesa Tribune: Residents Counter Apartment Crime January 22, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Landlords Learn How To Screen Tenants May 5, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Joining Forces To Combat Gangs May 31, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Managers Learn To Fight Crime July 21, 1993 - Gilbert Independent: Making Apartments Safer July 22, 1993 - Tribune Newspapers: A Complex Project September 22, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Protecting Tenants Is A Priority October 9, 1993 - The Phoenix Gazette: Crime In Apartments October 20, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Anti-Drug Efforts Working November 10, 1993 - Daily Miner: Safe Neighborhoods - It's Possible November 29, 1993 - Arizona Republic: Crimes In Apartment Complexes December 10, 1993 - Tribune Newspapers: Anti-Crime Effort Wins 3 Awards January 5, 1994 - East Mesa Independent: Drug-Free Property Possible April 26, 1994 - White Mountain Independent: Keeping Drugs, Gangs Out June 7, 1994 - Las Cruces Sun News: Crime In Apartments June 16, 1994 - Las Cruces Bulletin: Power To Fight Drugs And Gangs July 5, 1994 - Tribune Newspapers: Crime Effort Targets Mini-Storages July 5, 1994 - Tribune Newspapers: Program Cleans Out Criminals December 17, 1994 - Arizona Republic: Keep Gifts Under Wraps At Christmas March 10, 1995: - The San Bernardino Sun: Cities Import Crime Control Plan April 3, 1995 - Tribune Newspapers: Apartment Crimes Take Nosedive June 14, 1995 - New Westminster News: Closing The Door On Crime

Radio Interviews

Mr. Zehring has participated in numerous radio interviews regarding crime prevention, physical security, risk management and premises liability for radio stations in the United States and internationally. A list may be found in his Curriculum Vitae.

Newsletter Articles Written

Mr. Zehring has participated in numerous interviews and authored and/or co-authored numerous articles regarding crime prevention, physical security, risk management and premises liability for numerous newsletter articles in the United States and internationally. A list may be found in his Curriculum Vitae.

Pamphlets Written

(This is a partial list. Please contact us for a more complete and current list.)

Mr. Zehring has authored and/or co-authored numerous pamphlets for distribution to law enforcement agencies and private industries in Arizona, throughout the United States and internationally. They are targeted at police agencies, apartment communities, manufactured housing communities, self-storage facilities, overnight lodging businesses and retail businesses, including retail businesses that sell liquor. These pamphlets contain information regarding safety and security, crime prevention, physical security measures, risk management and premises liability. A more complete list may be found in his Curriculum Vitae.

Crime Prevention For Apartment Dwellers, Crime Prevention For Apartment Managers, Crime Prevention For Mobile Home Managers, Crime Prevention For Self-Storage Managers, Crime Prevention For Hotel/Motel Managers, Elderly Abuse Prevention Tips, Adolescent Suicide Prevention, Violence In The Workplace, Handgun Safety Tips.

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