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Crime Free Programs

Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program logoThis program was designed from the popular and ever expanding Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, which has spread across the United States and Canada. This program is designed to be law enforcement driven and allows for a strong working relationship between law enforcement and management within the hotel/motel industry. 


  • Decreased Criminal Activity

  • Property More Appealing and Marketable

  • Safe Environment for Guests

  • Safe Environment for Employees

  • Reduced Costs for Repairs

  • Maintain Inventory / Profits

  • Less Litigation

How It Works

The Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program is a unique, three-phase certification program for hotel/motel properties of all sizes. The first phase is the completion of a four-hour program taught by law enforcement personnel. Frequently guest speakers will also attend to address specific topics relating to hotel/motel properties. This police-sponsored program is designed to be very easy and yet extremely effective at reducing criminal activity.

The Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program addresses these topics:

  • Understanding Crime Prevention

  • C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Concepts

  • The Registration Process

  • Active Property Management

  • Early and Later Warning Signs

  • Combating Crime Problems

  • Police: Reactive vs. Proactive

  • Employment Issues

  • Potential Liability Issues

  • Clandestine Drug Labs

Phase One: Training

Upon completion of the mandatory four-hour training program, participants are eligible to begin the second phase. This is accomplished by contacting the Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program Coordinator. When the coordinator comes to the property, your property will begin the second phase and the property will then receive the certificate for Phase One completion. The certificate is signed by the chief law enforcement official of that community and is also signed by the Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program Coordinator, who sponsors the training.

This certificate is to be immediately framed and displayed at the front desk or in a prominent place where guests are sure to see it. Prospective guests may also be informed that your property management is working with the police to keep the community healthy. Although several certificates may be awarded due to numerous employees attending the Phase One training, only one Phase One certificate needs to be displayed at the front desk.

Phase Two: C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

Prior to obtaining a certificate of completion of the program, a representative of the police department will inspect the rental property to assess physical security and general appearance of the property, including locks, lighting, and landscaping. The property must meet the minimum requirements set forth in the inspection in order to achieve this second certificate. Upon completion, the certificate will show that the property has met the minimum requirements of the Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program. The property then automatically moves into the third and final phase which is full certification.

Mandatory C.P.T.E.D. Security Requirements:

  • Posting of certificates

  • Positive photo identification of guests

  • Lighting, locks, and landscaping requirements

  • Recording of serial numbers

  • Screening procedures / cash policies

  • Key controls

Phase Three -- Full Certification

Once fully certified, the property manager will receive a gold certificate. This certificate should also be posted behind the front desk with the certificates obtained in Phases One and Two. (This certificate is the only certificate that has an expiration date. It is renewed each year after the subsequent annual C.P.T.E.D. evaluation has been conducted.)

An added incentive to reach full certification is the use of the Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program logo in all appropriate advertisements as well as on company letterhead, business cards, and associated paperwork.  

Costs of Illegal Activity in Hotel/Motel Properties

  • Property damage resulting from destruction of rooms, burglaries, or drug labs

  • Loss of rent during repair periods

  • Fire resulting from drug labs which are highly combustible and dangerous

  • Decrease in demand or overnight lodging

  • High turnover of employees due to fear of guests

  • Loss of valued guests

  • Litigation costs due to injuries on property

Proven Management Techniques

  • Active Proactive Property Management

  • Maintain Trespass Logs

  • Keeping Legitimate Users and Abusers Apart

  • Crisis Resolution

  • Employee Empowerment


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