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The International Crime Free Association

The International Crime Free Association is comprised of mostly law enforcement officers and crime prevention practitioners from all across the United States and Canada. The primary goal of the Crime Free Programs is to keep illegal activity out of rental properties.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was developed in 1992 by Timothy L. Zehring in Arizona. It was primarily focused on multi-family apartment communities, but was equally successful when applied to single-family rental homes.

Since 1992, there have been many successful adaptations of the Crime Free Programs. They target illegal activity in hotels, motels, manufactured housing communities, townhouse and condominium communities, and self-storage locker facilities.

Each year the International Crime Free Association sponsors an annual Crime Free Conference. If you would like to learn more about the International Crime Free Programs, the annual Crime Free Conference, or you would be interested in sponsoring Crime Free Program training in your area, please contact us.

What Is "Crime Free?"

In Arizona, like other states, we have "Drug Free School Zones." This is not to imply there ARE no drugs in the school zone, but rather this is to warn that there are SERIOUS consequences for anyone who gets arrested for drug-related crimes in a school zone.

In Arizona, many corporations have a "Drug Free Workplace" policy. This is not to guarantee there ARE no drugs in the workplace, but rather to warn employees that there are SERIOUS consequences for anyone who is caught using drugs at work, bringing drugs to work, or for coming to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Crime Free Program does not imply there IS no crime in a designated area, but rather this is to warn that there are SERIOUS consequences for anyone affiliated with illegal activity on or near the designated area. These consequences can include immediate termination of rental agreements and the eviction of renters, their family members, and guests. The "One Strike You're Out" policy has since been applied to all Federal Section 8 (low-income) Housing communities across the United States of America.

Signs posted on the property do NOT state the area IS a Crime Free or Drug Free Zone, but rather the signs state that the property has JOINED the Crime Free Program. The Crime Free Program requires all renters and invitees to live a 'crime free lifestyle' while on or near the designated area.

Renters must also sign a Crime Free Addendum to their lease. The management takes a 'zero tolerance' stance to criminal activity, and enforces the civil contract signed by the renters. In some states, like Arizona, the Crime Free Policy has also been codified into state law.

The program is not called a "Crime Reduction Program," because we are not asking people to live a 'crime reduced lifestyle  -- we require they live a 'crime free lifestyle.'

We have not set up an "Anti-Crime Environment Program" because that would imply to renters that there is an expectation of safety in and around the environment that simply cannot be guaranteed. Crime knows no address. It can occur anywhere.

By simply stating, "We Have Joined The Crime Free Program" there are no guarantees made or implied about the physical environment. There are no guarantees made that criminal activity will not occur in a designated area.

The International Crime Free Programs have spread to over 1500 cities all across the United States and Canada. 


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