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Employee Training:

Risk Assessment Services offers a wide range of employee training on topics related to security, safety and management development. Here is a sample of some of the topics that are available. Please call if you have any questions.

Crime Prevention Strategies for Employees of

1). Apartment Communities / Property Management
2). Townhomes and Condominiums Communities
3). Manufactured Housing Communities
4). Overnight Lodging (Hotels and Motels)
5). Self-Storage R.V. Storage Facilities

Loss Prevention Strategies for Retail Employees

1). Armed Robbery Prevention
2). Shoplifting Prevention
3). Internal Theft Prevention
4). Counterfeit (Cash & Credit Cards)
5). Security Guard Training

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

1). Improving Surveillance
     (Natural, Mechanical and Organized)

2). Analyzing Access Controls
     (Environmental, Mechanical and Organized)

3). Defining Territoriality
     (Defensible Space and Maintenance)

4). Increasing Activity Support
     (Removing Offenders -- Mobilizing Guardians)

Risk Management Training (Safety and Security)

1). Identifying Risks
2). Assessing Risks
3). Managing Risks

Safety Training

1). Violence in the Workplace
2). Safety in the Workplace
3). C.P.R. / First Aid / Back Injury Prevention


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