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On Site Security Survey

Working under the assumption that over 80% of losses originate from the inside, we will place heavy emphasis on internal as well as external controls. Risk Management and well-written company policies should exist side by side, and should fully complement each other. It is common sense to mandate a minimum level of security, beneath which your company must not fall.

"Problems aside, we are rapidly approaching a situation where Risk Management is no longer an option. In a highly competitive business environment, companies cannot afford to have costly or inappropriate security. Effective Risk Management can be nothing less than the defense of company profitability."
Dr. P.G. Dory, formerly of Barclays Bank PLC

Most major corporations now employ a formal strategy for Risk Management and Risk Assessment methodologies. They have come to realize that there is a wide range of benefits, (directly and indirectly) associated with published and recorded written policies that have been mandated throughout the company.

Physical Security - Physical security is the first line of defense against the risk of any loss. A thorough survey will look at more than just lighting, landscaping and locks. Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C. can provide you with recommendations that will provide reasonable, cost effective and appropriate control measures that are commensurate with the risks to which your organization is exposed.

Policies and Procedures - In addition to conducting physical security assessments, you can further reduce your risks by adopting written policies and procedures that are commensurate with your financial, legal and operational needs. Comprehensive security policies and procedures will not only enhance your physical security efforts, they can greatly reduce your risk of costly litigation.

Employee Training - We can also serve as a guide and a training tool for your entire company, as we can be used to educate all of your employees about security procedures that lead to a more security-minded working environment.

Security should not only be addressed at middle management level but with senior management as well. Senior management is responsible for decisions relating to the security risks and the level of Risk Management the company is willing to accept at the given time, which involves consideration of potential fiscal impact. Middle management is responsible for decisions relating to the specific controls and application of other Risk Management strategies.

A broad application of Risk Management awareness may actually play a major and pro-active role in enhancing the understanding of the needs and role of all employees within an organization. This can certainly have the effect of bringing management and employees closer together.

Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C. can suggest practical yet simple solutions to educate your employees without necessitating particular security knowledge, or expertise. This approach ensures that the security ideal will be driven into more areas and it will become more devolved.

It enables security to become part of the company’s culture, giving management the assurance there is an adequate and appropriate level of security throughout the company.

Weighing The Costs vs. Benefits

Security measures should actually be viewed as an investment in your company, not merely as an expense. Because most people cannot see how additional security can directly generate income, it is often necessary to justify Risk Management in financial terms. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do.

By providing a safer environment, you may actually notice an increase in the number of customers and repeat customers who come to your property as well as a decrease in employee turnover. It is an established fact that customers and employees are attracted to environments where they feel safe.

There may also be a corresponding reduction in other areas such as internal theft, armed robbery, criminal damage, liability costs and insurance premiums. In addition to that, you may even realize a much more productive use of budgeted employee hours, as our employee training programs can 'build-in' a significant level of security expertise, which could alleviate the need for expensive external security personnel.

If you have questions relating to how security surveys are conducted, at what cost, and with what detail, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind, Risk Assessment Services, L.L.C. can tailor on site security surveys that are suitable for all of your needs.

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